Los Angeles and Vicinity

The greater Los Angeles area is an vast metropolis of cities and towns which are connected by a maze of freeways. The freeways will either quickly transport you across large distances or provide a free parking lot. Try to choose your accommodations, be it a boutique hotel, charming inn, friendly bed and breakfast, luxurious resort near to the attraction you wish to visit. The less time you need to be on the roads the more time you will have to experience the many sightseeing treats. Southern Californians may not have a choice but if you do, avoid traveling during any time close to rush hour. Your blood pressure will thank you. The mild weather and plethora of attractions make Los Angeles a wonderful place to visit. It is easy to run out of time even if you only see half of what the area offers. Disneyland alone, can take several days to see in its entirety. Days can be spent at the beaches, museums and resorts but try to leave time to visit Hollywood and experience all of the trappings of tinsel town. We discuss the highlights and offer pacing suggestions of the area in our ‘Leisurely Loop of Southern California’ itinerary. The itinerary includes the San Diego and the Palm Desert regions.

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