Brittany, France

Brittany is a rugged region of beautiful forests bounded by nearly 1,000 kilometers of coastline. This peninsula, jutting out from the northwest side of France, was for many years isolated from the rest of the country and regarded by Bretons as a separate country. The regional language is Breton and you see signposts in both French and Breton. Most of the houses are fresh white stucco with angled blue-gray roofs. Crepes filled with butter, sugar, chocolate, or jam, galettes (wheat crepes) enhanced with cheese, ham, onions, or mushrooms, and cider are Brittany’s culinary specialties. This itinerary begins on Brittany’s border at Mont Saint Michel and explores the coast before it ventures into the forested interior, culminating on the southern coast at Vannes with its charming old walled town. Wonderful hotels, inns, bed and breakfasts and chateau hotels are included in our list of places to stay in Brittany. These lodging accommodations will create lasting memories of your trip to France.

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