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Website Memberships

GUEST: You can explore our site endlessly as a Guest for FREE and there is no need to register and NO membership to purchase.

KAREN BROWN TRAVELER: If you want to build a trip through “Create My Itinerary”, purchase items in our store, or be able to submit recommendations, photos or reviews, it is necessary to register so that your itineraries and purchases will be saved to your account for future access, and so that you will be properly credited for your editorial and photo contributions. For this login access select membership level, Karen Brown Traveler. This level of membership is FREE and there is NO membership to purchase – you will simply need to register and login when you visit our website.

KAREN BROWN TRAVELER – ALL ACCESS: The Karen Brown Traveler – All Access membership level allows you to see every property we recommend whether or not they participate on the Karen Brown Website. It is important to understand that while there is no charge to the properties we recommend to be featured in our E-Books or E-Itineraries (as we want nothing to influence our selection or editorial), there is a charge if a property wants to be featured on the Karen Brown Website. This Karen Brown Traveler – All Access paid level of membership allows you access to the website pages of ALL the properties we recommend as published in our E-Books and E-Itineraries. Annual Membership fee:  $15 –  Complimentary during the holiday season!

Please note: if you a traveling to a single country it may make sense to purchase the ebook or itinerary for that country rather than the All Access membership, as the ebook membership allows access to all of the properties within the ebook.

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