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All E-Itineraries are COMPLIMENTARY with our appreciation for using our recommendations!

Karen Brown E-Books include ALL the itineraries (that are also available as individual E-Itineraries) and ALL the recomm

IMPORTANT: ALL the individual E-Itineraries are INCLUDED in the E-Book for that destination.

The itineraries as published in our E-books are available as individual E-Itineraries in downloadable, PDF format. To compliment the E-Itineraries, Karen Brown recommended Places to Stay in proximity to the itineraries are included with descriptions, color photos, corresponding maps and direct links. You can mix and match individual itineraries from all of the Karen Brown E-Book titles.

VERY IMPORTANT:  We are happy to offer you complimentary copies of our E-Itineraries with our appreciation for your interest in using our recommendations to plan your travels. If you would like to use the complimentary E-Itineraries in conjunction with our website, it will be necessary to always login in so that our website will recognize you as a Karen Brown E-Patron and allow you to see every property we recommend. Not all properties we recommend on our website are accessible to a non-E-Patron. Once you download an E-Itinerary through the Karen Brown Website Store your E-Book Patron status is automatically applied.  You will be recognized as an E-Patron through December 2017. It is also important to know that because of anticipated changes in our website for 2018, any of the links from this E-Itinerary to www.karenbrown.com may not function after the end of the 2017 calendar year.

NOTE: E-Itineraries available through our website store are provided in downloadable, PDF format. However, we also supply most vendors with the electronic version specific to their electronic devices should you have a Kindle, Nook, Iphone, Ipad, etc. It is important to note that some devices, such as a black and white Kindle, do not accommodate interactive links or color, for example, and so if you purchase through another source you may want to research options for downloading our E-Itineraries to your computer to take advantage of and benefit from the enhanced function and capability.

FOR IPAD USERS: You will need an app to save the pdf files on your iPad. We recommend using the iBooks app as this has worked well for us and allows for book downloads as well as pdfs. After installing the iBook app, while on your iPad, download the Karen Brown pdf book file by going to www.karenbrown.com. Once on the Karen Brown site login by entering your user name and password at the top of the page. After logging in go back to the top of the page and click on ‘My Account’. Under “Available downloads” click on the product you wish to download. The download should open on the screen. Be patient as some of the files are quite large. After clicking on download, if you are prompted to save the file to iBooks, do so. After the file opens, ‘tap’ the screen and a box should open at the top of the page allowing you to open in iBooks. Sometimes it requires multiple ‘taps’ to open the box and sometimes the box closes quickly so be prepared. When you look for the file at a later time open iBooks and then choose ‘collections’ and tap PDFs and you should see the file.


However, please know that ALL the individual itineraries for Mexico and Mid-Atlantic are included in the complimentary E-Books for Mexico and for the Mid-Atlantic.

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