Hotel Lippert (Black Fox)
  • Prague–Czech Republic , Czech Republic
  • Prague–Czech Republic , Czech Republic
  • Prague–Czech Republic , Czech Republic
  • Prague–Czech Republic , Czech Republic

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  • Karen Brown's Recommendation:

If you wish to stay in the heart of Prague, the Black Fox Hotel (also known as Cerná Liška) cannot be surpassed. The hotel claims it has the best location in town: it does. Although the entire historic center of Prague is fascinating, our favorite part is the beautiful Old Town Square which is a jewel. The Black Fox is a small, 12-room hotel that snuggles in a corner of the square facing St Nicolaus church. Just steps away you can enjoy all the festivities and delights of the square which is an architectural masterpiece. As you explore the plaza, the delicious aroma of food will undoubtedly lure you into one of the many stalls selling all kinds of local specialties which can be enjoyed at picnic-style tables. The Black Fox resembles a simple inn and makes no pretense of offering the luxurious accommodations or amenities of a sumptuous resort-style hotel. But, for location and value it is a great choice. The exterior is s an unadorned, four-story, cream-colored square building that dates back to the 14th century. You enter into a small reception area where you check in. A doorway to the right leads to a restaurant where breakfast is served. In the hallway an elevator takes you up to the guestrooms. Although the furnishings are simple, all the rooms have architectural features that accent the historic past of the house: some have painted ceilings, others wood beamed ceilings, and many feature spectacular views out to the square. All of the rooms are comfortably sized, but if you want really spacious accommodations, the suites are especially large. When making reservations check to see if any seasonal or prepaid special rates offered.

Hotel Lippert (Black Fox)
Mikulášská 19/2
110 00 Prague–Czech Republic, Czech Republic

Region: Czech Republic
Tel: (0224) 23 22 50
Fax: (0224) 23 22 49

12 Rooms: €180 - €210
Breakfast Included

Open Dates: all year
Credit Cards: Accepted
Itinerary (s): Located on or near Highlights of Austria
Michelin Map (s): Austria Map
Prague–Czech Republic, Czech Republic
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  • ✓ Air Conditioning
  • ✓ Children Friendly
  • ✓ Elevator
  • ✓ Internet Access
  • ✓ Wireless
  • ✓ Non Smoking Rooms
  • ✓ Parking Available
  • ✓ Restaurant
  • ✓ Telephone in Bedrooms
  • ✓ Television in Bedrooms