Fontana Del Papa
  • Tolfa , Italy
  • Tolfa , Italy
  • Tolfa , Italy
  • Tolfa , Italy
  • Tolfa , Italy

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Fontana del Papa is probably one of if not the most delightful Bed & Breakfast locations I have ever had the privilege of visiting. From the moment you arrive, the Owners, Assuntina and Claudio welcome you as if you are a part of their family. You are treated like family throughout your stay. My wife and I chose Fontana del Papa because she wanted a “cooking experience” and they provide probably the best experience of any out there. Local cooks bring their time-honored traditions of regional Italian home-style cooking to the Bed & Breakfast each day and share them with the guests in a hands-on manner as you prepare lunch for the everyone who is staying at the facility. We learned how to make a variety of fresh pasta from scratch and to make it completely by hand. Then you get to do the taste test as you help prepare the rest of the lunch meal making some of the most wonderful sauces to top your pasta creation. A must try is their fresh pumpkin ravioli in a Gorgonzola walnut cream sauce with truffle. We spent 4 glorious days at Fontana del Papa and then made arrangements to return there before we made our long journey back to the United States. Most everyone who has ever stayed there longs to return for experience once again. We can't wait to get back to visit our other Italian Family in Tolfa, Italy. The 17th Century farm house is nestled in an olive grove of some 500 olive trees with a mixture of chestnut trees as well. Any visitor will love the liesurely meals and wonderful conversation around the table from the wide variety of guests from around the globe.

Fontana Del Papa
Loc. Fontana Del Papa
Str. Prov. S. Severa -Tolfa km 18.300
00059 Tolfa, Rome, Lazio, Italy

Region: Lazio
Tel: 0766 93455
Fax: 0766 93455

2 Rooms: €140 - €200
3 Suites: €180 - €200
Breakfast Included

Open Dates: All year
Credit Cards: Accepted
Tolfa, Italy
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