Château de Fleurville
  • Fleurville , France
  • Fleurville , France Photo credit: foggychan
  • Fleurville , France Photo credit: mark vie
  • Fleurville , France

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  • Karen Brown's Recommendation:

I recommend the Château de Fleurville for the experience of a “vrai” (real) château at a reasonable price. Leaving the corporate life behind, Pascal purchased the château, already a hotel, but then enthusiastically and conscientiously renovated it to a level of quality never previously realized in over 400 years of existence. One accesses this intimate and pretty turreted château off either side of a circular staircase to an entry that both descends to the reception and climbs up to many of the guestrooms. Rays of light filter through the central stained-glass window creating a dance of colors on the walls. Most of the guestrooms are located in the château with décor appropriate to its theme and outfitted with all the modern conveniences. Five smaller rooms in a more modern décor are found at the top of the stairs accessed off the side garden, close to the pool and enjoying a shared outdoor terrace. Dining here is a memorable experience with a menu that Pascal says focuses on the “sauveur” with good meats and fresh fish prepared to accentuate their distinctive tastes. Dine either in the regal ambiance of the interior dining room or at tables set on the outdoor terrace with its tables separated from the lawn by a band of flowering roses, lavender and begonias—a truly beautiful setting.

Château de Fleurville
71260 Fleurville, France

Region: Burgundy

12 Rooms: €160 - €210
Breakfast Not Included: €16

Open Dates: Apr to Oct
Credit Cards: Accepted
Itinerary (s): Located on or near Wine Country - Burgundy
Michelin Map (s): Map 519


From north A6 take exit 27, direction Tournus/Fleurville.  From south A6 take exit 28, direction Macon Nord/Fleurville then take A40 and then exit 1, direction Macon/Fleurville

Fleurville, France
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