Sweden Regions

Almedalen dammFoto stig Hammarstedt

Götaland is the southernmost land area of Sweden. It is also the most densely populated region. Forests and farmland comprise most of the countryside and the region is bordered on three sides by ocean with miles of mostly relatively flat sandy beaches. Ten diverse counties comprise the ten provinces of Götaland. The hotels and lodging accomodations […]

norrland region of sweden

Norrland translates as “The Northlands” and is, in fact, comprises the northern boundaries of the country.  It actually covers 60 percent of the Sweden and includes nine provinces.  You will sometimes see the three northernmost provinces referred to as Övre Norrland  or or Upper Norrland and those in the south referred to as Nedre Norrland or […]

Stockholm region of Sweden

Stockholm is both the name of a region of Sweden as well as its capital city.  With the largest population, the city of Stockholm is the cultural, media, political, and economic center of the region.  In addition to the city, the region spreads out across 14 islands on the coast in the southeast of Sweden at the […]

Drottningholm Castle, Svealand Region of Sweden

Svealand is located in the central part of Sweden with the region of   Götaland to the south and and Norrland to the sorth. Although, we have separated the capital city of Sweden out as its own “region” the capital city is actually part of Svealand.  The countryside of Svealand enjoys a diverse and beautiful landscape with archipelagos […]

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