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Andalucia is the most popular region of Spain, an area larger than Holland or Austria. The landscape is as diverse as its culture. Highlights include major cities such as Cordoba, Granada, Malaga and Seville. The Costa del Sol (Coast of the sun) is immensely popular and very crowded. It is still possible to step into […]

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In the north-eastern part of Spain, the region of Aragon is one of the most history-rich regions of Spain yet most of its surface area is arid and not a tourist destination.  Aragon is best known for two of its former residents. Catherine of Aragon who married Henry VIII and Ferdinand of Aragon who married […]

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The principality of Asturias lies between Cantabria and Galicia. The coast, known as the Costa Verde (Green Coast), is a major attraction. Especially beautiful are the mountains known as the Picos de Europa which tower over a region of fast flowing rivers, orchards and tiny farmhouses.


The Balearic Islands three major islands are, Majorca, Minorca and Ibiza. Located off Spain between France and the coast of northern Africa. The islands are a magnet for vacationers. Each of the islands is very differednt. Majorca is the largest island. There are large expanses of apartment complexes and hotels though some parts of the […]

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While visiting the Basque Region of Spain you will often see signs both in Spanish and in Basque. The Basque people have fiercely defended their cultural rights over the centuries and still cling to many of their unique customs and language.andnbsp; Hoards of invaders have not been able to stifle the spirit of the Basque, […]


Cantabria is a strip of territory sandwiched between the Bay of Biscay and the mountains of the Cantabrian Cordillera, merging into Basque. The area has some nice countryside with tiny villages and is reputed to have more cattle than any other region in Spain. The capital of Cantabria is Santander, located in the north. This […]


This region is located to the south of Madrid, in the very centre of the Iberian Peninsula and encompasses the ancient capital of Toledo, once the capital of Spain. Albacete is well known for its wine production and The ancient city of Cuenca is famous for its hanging houses, Gothic Cathedral and Museum of Abstract […]

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The Spanish region of Castile and Leon includes the ancient kingdom of Leon which was annexed to Castile. The region is known for its many castles and monuments. Castile once held power that has long since shifted to Madrid. Highlights include visits to: Burgos, Salamanca and Valladolid.


Encompassing the Costa Brava and the Costa Dorada, with their stretches of sandy beaches and high-rise hotels, the region of Catalonia receives over 12 million visitors a year. It has great appeal to holidaymakers who flock to the beaches. Tossa de Mar is an especially attractive seaside resort. Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia and […]


Extremaduras history dates back to pre-Roman times. Merida is famous for its Roman remains. Caceres has been designated a heritage city because of its wealth of historical monuments. Trujillo is a lovely walled town dated from the 13th century. Guadalupe is a village of great importance and is dominated by the Gothic monastery.

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Galicia is similar to Ireland or Cornwall. The coastline is comprised of little coves, sandy beaches with high cliffs, fishing ports and sheltered harbors. Inland the region is green and wooded, especially along the valleys. Galicia is separated from the rest of the country by mountains ranges on all sides. The river Miño separates it […]


La Rioja is the smallest region of mainland Spain, bordered by Navarre, Castile and Leon and Aragon. It is an important wine growing area. Th most popular places to visit are Logrono and Haro, known for their wineries.

Calle Alcala, Madrid

Madrid (the highest capital in Europe) is a big, vigorous city – comparable in size to other western European capitals – but yet a comfortable one for the first-time visitor. Madrid’s attractions will not overwhelm you if you have only a few days to devote to the city, but offer more than enough diversity and […]


Murcia is one of the more sparsely populated regions of Spain. Its mountains reach right down to the sea. The weather is very hot during the summer months and the winters are mild.


Navarre is an ancient region that shares a frontier with France and is bordered by Rioja, the smallest region of Spain. There are 9 crossing points into France and as a border region evidence of conflicts are everywhere, with ruins of castles. Romans, Christians, Muslims and Jews have all made their mark on the region […]


Valencia is well known for its ceramics, fans and wicker-work. The Valencian coast consists of many resorts popular with the bucket and spade brigade.

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