Portugal Regions


The Algarve is the strip of land that embraces the entire width of the southern tip of Portugal where you find an excellent climate and strong Moorish influence. This magical area is dotted with bright white houses reflecting the brilliant sun, further enhanced by whimsical chimneys and colorful bougainvillea. The gentle air is fragrant with […]

Caldera di Corvo Azzorre, Azores, Portugal photo credit: Mchiantaretto

The Azores consist of a group of nine volcanic islands located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, about on a parallel with Lisbon. There are frequent two-hour flights from Lisbon to three Azorean airports: Ponta Delgada (on São Miguel), Lajes (on Terceira), and Horta (on Faial). Discovered in 1427, the islands became a strategic […]

Coimbra, Costa da Prata, Portugal photo credit: VitorJK

The Costa da Prata (Silver Coast) includes a long strip of land that stretches along the coast, beginning north of Lisbon and ending just before Porto. This area of Portugal is a year-round sportsman’s paradise with its bounty of mountains, forests, glacial lakes, spring waters and the Atlantic Coast. This region boasts many fishing villages, […]

Hillside town, Costa de Lisboa, Portugal photo credit: eliza was here

Costa de Lisboa is a superb region near Lisbon that includes the chic beach town of Cascais, and charming, historic Sintra. SIGHTSEEING: Cascais, Estoril, Lisbon, Mafra, Palmela, Queluz, Setúbal, Sintra. HANDICRAFTS: Wicker, embroideries, lace, ceramics, copper.


Costa Verde (Green Coast) is a region tucked in the northwest corner of Portugal, stretching north from Porto to the border with Spain. Although small in size, this is an area rich in geographic beauty with mountains, rivers, nature parks as well as history-the castle at Guimarães was the birthplace of the nation’s founder and […]

Lisbon Skyline, Lisboa, Portugal, photo credit: pelz

This section boasts the location of Lisbon, Portugal’s magnificent capital that sprawls along the north bank of the River Tagus before it flows out to the ocean. With claim to both a river and a coastline, this is an enchanting city that is surprisingly intimate in size and easy to explore. As for the rest […]

Lamego, Montanhas, Portugal photo credit: tomger2008

Montanhas (The Mountains) is a large, remote region in the northeast corner of Portugal with snow-capped mountains, dense forests, and valleys strewn with mighty rocks. Here you find fascinating scenery, historic old villages, and prehistoric archaeological sites, including the newly discovered prehistoric drawings etched into the rocks in a remote valley near Vila Nova de Foz […]

Evora, Planicies, Portugal, photo credit: rschnaible

Planícies (The Plains) is Portugal’s largest region, a hunk of land covering one third of the country that stretches from the middle of Portugal south to the Algarve. This is one of our favorite parts of Portugal because its beauty is still so pure, with vast open spaces, marvelous walled hilltop towns, centuries-old olive trees dotting gentle […]

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