Pacific Northwest Regions

Vancouver Skyline, British Columbia, Canada, Pacific Northwest, photo credit: ericho

Although, we would love to explore more of our incredible neighbor, Canada, to date we have only ventured across the border into British Columbia.  Vancouver Island and the City of Vancouver are currently as far as we have traveled from the states. But what an island and what a city. Vancouver Island is anchored by […]

Mount Hood, Oregon, Pacific Northwest, photo credit: ohmygodtom

The Oregon coast meets the Pacific Ocean on its western border. Mist and mild temperatures, awe-inspiring scenery and a wide range of recreational activities makes this one of the state’s most popular regions. Further to the east the Cascade Mountains cuts through the state in a north/south swath. Continue east and arid desert can be […]

Lime Kiln Lighthouse, Washington, Pacific Northwest photo credit: cbclements

Washington, geographically, is a diverse state with the area west of the Cascade mountain Range being one of verdant forests, nurtured by the marine climate of the Pacific Ocean. The center of the state is covered by the rugged Cascades with a number of active volcanoes, the most recent to erupt being Mount St. Helens. […]

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