Norway Regions

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Eastern Norway is made up of eight counties: Oslo, Akershus, Ostfold, Vestfold, Buskerud, Telemark, Hedmark and Oppland, and it has the largest variety of landscape ranging from flat, rolling farmland to dramatic, towering mountains. Oslo, which is the nation’s capital and largest city, is the heart of the region. It is also here that you will […]


Rugged coasts, fjords, glaceiers and forests are all part of the geography of Northern Norway. The three counties of Nordland, Troms and Finnmark comprise the region which is home to approximately one-tenth of the Norwegian population while covering a little over a third of the geography. Northern Norway is the true land of the midnight […]


Southern Norway is a pearl of beautiful islands and skerries. From its sunny coastline to its long plains, deep valleys, tall mountains, pine forests and spectacular fjords, it’s no wonder that it’s is the first choice for a holiday destination. Visitors are often suprised at how different this region can be from their expectations as […]

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The region of Trondelag is located in the central part of Norway and covers two counties. The low population and low density of people is similar to that of Northern Norway. The region is well-known for fishing as well as many other aquatic sports since some body of water, be it ocean, lake or stream, […]

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Western Norway, also known as, Fjord Norway was carved by the ice during a succession of ice ages. When the ice receded many many years ago, seeds carried by wind and water, and perhaps birds, fell into narrow cracks or powdered stone. From that, the grass grew, flowers bloomed, birch, pine and willow trees appeared. […]

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