New England Regions

Mystic, Connecticut, New England, photo credit: Tanders

When visiting Connecticut don’t miss taking a leisurely trip along Route 7, with some minor detours, traveling north through the western edge of the state. Beautiful scenery abounds particularly if travelled in the autumn season. Start in Norwalk at the south end and travel through wonderful towns like Ridgefield, Litchfield, Salisbury and more as you […]

Portland Lighthouse, Portland Maine, New England

Everyone has dreamed of a perfect trip up the coast of Maine with its rugged beauty, picturesque charm and bountiful lobster feeds. Reality doesn’t disappoint. Well, maybe the lobsters don’t crawl from the ocean onto your plate but they are ever present. In the lower portions of the coast, the seaside villages are all relatively […]

Chapel, Massachusetts, New England photo credit: Martha Mary

From the islands of Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket to the south of the peninsula of Cape Cod on the eastern side of Massachusetts at the Atlantic Ocean to the western border and the small mountains of the Berkshires, Massachusets is a vibrant, diverse state geographically. The center of the state offers beautiful natural vistas and […]

Fall Colors, New Hampshire, New ENgland, Photo credit: Justin Smith

Travel the backroads of New Hampshire to experience the splendor and glory of one of New England’s greatest assets, the fall foliage. In truth, the New Hampshire countryside is beautiful at any time of the year, whether it lay beneath a blanket of powdery snow, with defoliated trees allowing for views a great distance beyond […]

Newport, Rhode Island, New England, photo credit: Pensioner Percy

Other than including a few islands within its geographic territory, Rhode Island, the state, is mis-named. The smallest state in territory, Rhode Island is located mostly within the mainland of the United States. Only the southernmost portion near Newport borders ocean. However, because of its size, almost 10% of the state is covered in salt […]

Town CHurch, Peacham, Vermont, New England, photo credit: Jeff Newcomer

Vermont, the largest maple syrup producer in the states and home to the Green Mountain Boys Militia of Revolutionary War fame, is the only New England state lacking a coastline along the Atlantic Ocean. Vermont more than makes up for a lack of fisheries with its natural beauty, particularly the Green Mountains which run north […]

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