Mid Atlantic Regions

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When one thinks of Delaware water comes to mind. Almost half of this second smallest state is bordered by water, either the Delaware Bay or the Atlantic Ocean. Consequently, most of the tourism and travel highlights are situated along the coast. Unless you are looking to settle into one location for an extended period try […]

Jefferson Memorial in springtime, Washington DC, Mid Atlantic states, photo credit: ddt_uui

The Distict of Columbia, also referred to as D.C. is home to our nation’s capital. Named for America’s first president, George Washington, D.C. is a beautiful city with impressive buildings on wide tree-lined streets, grassy parks, museums, art galleries, and historic monuments. See government at work in Supreme Court sessions and Senate debates. Visit the […]

Waterfront in Baltimore, Maryland, Mid Atlantic States, photo credit: Steven Frame

Chesapeake Bay divides the state of Maryland neatly into two parts—to the west you find the state capital of Annapolis, the city of Baltimore, and the  suburbs of Washington D.C. To the east lies the Delmarva Peninsula, whose eastern coast is bounded by the Atlantic Ocean. “Delmarva” is an acronym for Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia, […]

Cape May, New Jersey, Mid Atlantic States, photo credit: Anadelmann

New Jersey, the state that you pass through on the way to somewhere else, rarely stopping to enjoy it, does indeed have some wonderful destinations. It’s a state of many contrasts, encompassing lively cities, beautiful ocean seashore and, inland, lovely farms in pastoral settings. New Jersey is the state where George Washington crossed the Delaware […]


New York is one of the most diverse states in the union–from cosmopolitan, sophisticated and theatrical New York City to the historically important and truly beautiful Hudson River Valley in the east and to the agricultural rural western part of the state and the water ways of the St. Lawrence River, its tributaries and the […]

Pennsylvania Farm Country, Mid Atlantic States, photo credit: Arif Mahmood

Pennsylvania, the ‘Keystone State’, aka, the ‘Quaker State’ is often considered one of the most important historically as well as developmentally in the formation of the United States. The Declaration of Independence was penned in Philadelphia, aka, the ‘Cradle of Liberty’ and the ‘City of Brotherly Love’. If nothing else this state is the nickname […]

Historic Williamsburg, Virginia, Mid Atlantic

The state of Virginia is steeped in history and offers a banquet of interesting and diverse attractions for all kinds of travelers-for historians, for those who want to frolic in the ocean, and for those who love the mountains. From the seashore of the Delmarva Peninsula to the broad sweep of the Shenandoah Valley, to […]

Old Grist Mill, West Virginia, Mid Atlantic States, phot credit: Ryan

West Virgina, often over-looked and ignored as a destination shouldn’t be. This mountainous state has 37 state parks and designated recreation areas covering nearly a million acres of natural beauty. The entire state lies within the Appalachian Mountain Range and is home to 9 state and 2 federal forests. Our recommended list of West Virginia […]

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