Mexico Regions

Whale Watching, Baja, Mexico

Baja California is a peninsula in northwestern Mexico that extends over 700 miles from Mexicali in the north to Cabo San Lucas in the south.  It’s width ranges from 25 to 200 miles and separates the Pacific Ocean from the Gulf of California.  The northern part is the state of Baja California with Mexicali as its […]


Mexico-Gulf Coast-Mexico-City-Skyline-giovanni-paccaloni

The Gulf Coast of Mexico stretches along the Gulf of Mexico from Matamoros, Tamaulipas on the United States border down to the tip of the Yucatán Peninsula at Cancún. It includes the coastal regions along the Bay of Campeche.  Key cities in the region include Veracruz, Tampico, and Coatzacoalcos.

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Northern Mexico is a vast area of the country whose northern border stretches along the Arizona, New Mexico and Texas in the United States. On its coast, Mazatlan is perhaps its most popular beach destination and inland, important cities include Durango and Monterey.  Our itinerary, Copper Canyon, explores a beautiful area of the region.



In all of Mexico there is no place more enchanting than the Yucatán Peninsula. Our itinerary, Mayan Mysteries & A Loop of the Yucatan Peninsula puts great emphasis on the wealth of Mayan sites, cloaked in the mysteries and glories of one of the world’s great civilizations. The itinerary makes a loop, passing through all […]

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