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Baden-Württemberg, located in the southwest of Germany is home to the world famous Black Forest (Schwarzwald). Besides being famous for its vast tracts of pine forests, the region is popular for its cuckoo clocks, spa resorts offering cures with clean mountain air and healing mineral waters, endless hiking possibilities, cherry cakes (Schwarzwalder torte), pretty villages, […]

Hohenschwangau, Bavaria, Germany

It is no wonder that Bavaria (Bayern) is a favorite destination for so many travelers. This southeastern corner of Germany proudly maintains the reputation of having the friendliest people, the most breathtaking mountains, the quaintest villages, the prettiest lakes, and the most famous castles in Germany. Summertime paints Bavaria’s valleys and hillsides with edelweiss, Alpine […]

Brandenburg Gate, Berlin, Germany

Berlin, the capital of Germany, from its politics, culture, business and financial institutions, is a major player in the functioning of the European community. The city may appear overwhelming for those arriving from the countryside and while the major sights are quite spread out, the public transportation sytem enables you to get around easily. For […]

Countryside, Brandenburg, Germany

Located in the northeast, the regional state of Brandenburg surround the separate city and state of Berlin. The countryside of Brandenburg includes numerous nature reserves and parks, forests and over 3,000 lakes as well cultivated agricultural fields. The Spreewald (Spree Forest) a protected UNESCO biosphere reserve in the south is an enormous maze where the […]

Bremen, Germany

The region state of Bremen is the smallest of the German states and is broken into two separate areas located in the north westerly area of the country. The capital city of Bremen is one of the oldest city republics in existence and has been hailed by UNESCO as an “outstanding representation of civic autonomy […]

Hamburg Port, Germany

Hamburg is one of Germany’s three city states, the other two being Berlin and Bremen. The capital city, Hamburg, is the second largest city in the country as well as being the largest port due to its location along the banks of the Elbe River. Historically, Hamburg has been a major trading city and for […]

Eltville, Hesse, Germany

Located just southwest of the center of Germany, the Hessen state does not share a border with a foreign country as it is bordered only by other German states. Most of the its population is located in the southern area of the region. The largest city in the region is Frankfurt and the capital is […]

Lower Saxony, Germany

From the sand dunes of the North Friesian Islands to the forests of the Hartz Mountains this region has much more to offer than the auto industry for which it is known. Many of our stories and fairytales come from this region. Hamelin of the Pied Piper fame and fairytales from the Brothers Grimm as […]

Rostock, Mecklenburg, Germany

The Mecklenburg-Vorpommern region is located in the northwest corner of the country and is one of the least densely populated regions of Germany. The Gothic red brick architecture, particularly as seen in the churches, is the style of the region. Wismar and Stralsund have been listed as UNESCO World Heritage sites and offer excellent examples […]

Cologne, Koln, North Rhine Westphalia, Germany

The Nordrhein-Westfalen region is located in the western part of Germany and shares borders with Belgium and the Netherlands. The region is known as the industrial center of Germany and, as such, probably does not warrant a trip of its own. But don’t detour around the region as there are some notable landmarks, particularly the […]

Rhineland Palatinate, Burg Eltz

Bordering the countries of Belgium, Luxembourg and France on the western edge of Germany, the Rheinland-Pfalz region is best known for its wines and vineyards along the Rhine and Mosel Rivers. High above the Rhine, castles guard the heights or lie on islands amidst the churning flow. The river narrows to swirl past the legendary […]

Saarbrucken, Saarland, Germany

Bordering France and Luxembourg in the southeast area of Germany, the Saarland state mixes the cuisines, languages and cultures of France and Germany. This is to be expected as the borders of this region, at one time an important coal producing area, have shifted back and forth over the years between France and Germany. The […]

Saxony, Schloss Moritzgurg, Germany

The region of Sachsen has a rich history although many would like to forget its most recent past. Under East German Communist rule after World War II until the “wall” came down in 1989, the region is showing signs of a full recovery to its glorious past.The capital and jewel of the Sachsen state is […]

Germany Saxony Anhalt-Quedlinburg

Located entirely within Germany’s borders, the Sachsen-Anhalt region-state has a varied geography, from the lowlands of the north to the Harz Mountains in the south. It is these mountains that hold the greatest interest and beauty in this region.In our itinerary of the ‘Highlights of the Harz Mountains’ we tour the mountains, their sheltered valleys, […]

Germany-Schleswig Holstein - Sylt

Schleswig Holstein is Germany’s most northerly province. With Denmark at its tip, this broad finger of land divides the placid Baltic from the wild North Sea. Along the North Sea shore, dikes protect the sky-wide landscape from being claimed by the sea’s crashing waves. Safe behind dikes, sheep and cattle graze while crops grow in […]

Erfurt, Thuringia, Germany

Located in the middle of Germany, the state of Thüringia from 1945 until 1990 was under Soviet occupation. After years of neglect, more and more buildings have been cleaned of their grime and others freshly painted.In our itinerary, ‘Exploring East & Middle Germany’, we travel through some of the historic towns of Thüringia. Visit sights […]

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