France Regions

Alsace, France

Alsace borders Germany–in fact, from the Franco-Prussian war to the end of World War I Alsace was part of Germany. After World War II the district began to market its white wines sold in distinctive long, thin, green or brown bottles. The vineyards are at the foot of the Vosges mountains on east-facing hills set […]

St Cirq Lapopie, Lot River Valley, Aquitaine, France

Aquitaine occupies roughly the southwestern third of France stretching from Bordeaux’s Wine region south to Pays Basque and the Spanish border. Its western border follows the Atlantic coast with its wonderful white sand beaches and colorful sea ports such as Saint Jean de Luz, Biarritz and Bayonne. The region stretches inland and embrace part of […]

France Auvergne-Aurillac

At the heart of France, situated geographically to the west of the Rhone are the volcanic highlands of the Massif Central that distinguish an area referred to as Auvergne. To the west of Auvergne is the region of the Limousin. Although, not as well known as other destinations in France this area referred to as Aquitaine-Limousin […]

Quimperle, Brittany, France

Brittany is a rugged region of beautiful forests bounded by nearly 1,000 kilometers of coastline. This peninsula, jutting out from the northwest side of France, was for many years isolated from the rest of the country and regarded by Bretons as a separate country. The regional language is Breton and you see signposts in both […]

Hotel Dieu, Beaune, Burgundy, France

Burgundy, which lies to the southeast of Paris, is a name used to designate a geographic region of France as well as a reference synonymous with some of the world’s finest wines. Vineyards dress the landscape and stretch from one enchanting, steepled village to the next. In terms of wine, Burgundy is distinguished by five […]

Chateau de Chenonceaux, Loire Valley, France

The geographic region referred to as Center frames a section of France that begins just to the southwest of Paris, includes the cathedral city of Chartres and embraces most of what we refer to as the Loire Valley or Châteaux Country with the city of Tours at its heart. To provide special memories and enhance […]

Châtillon-sur-Marne, Champagne-Ardenne, France

Champagne is a small wine district dedicated to the production of the effervescent liquid that we associate with happy occasions and celebrations. The name “champagne” can be used only for the wines produced by this region’s vineyards. Its capital is Reims, a not-very-attractive city due to being almost razed in World War I, but many […]


This region of France borders Switzerland and is strongly influenced by its neighbor. As you travel this region you will see similarities in architecture, cuisine, and culture. The landscape of rolling cultivated fields and dense pine forest is banded to the north and south by the Vosges and Jura Mountain ranges. Although, not as dramatic […]

Ile de la Cite, Paris, Ile de France

The Ile de France translates as the Island of France. This is not literally an “island” but refers to the region that wraps itself around Paris, with the capital city as its heart-an area rich in history. Distances from Paris are such that many attractions are easily visited as day trips. Paris is absolutely wonderful […]

Languedoc Roussillon, France

Becoming ever more popular with travelers seeking a relatively undiscovered area of France, the Languedoc Roussillon region is located in the south-west. To the east it follows the contours of the Mediterranean coast and borders its neighbors Spain and Andorra on its southern edge. The majestic fortress of Carcassonne appears at its heart and from […]

France Limousin

The Limousin is one of the smallest regions in France and one with the smallest population.  It occupies the north western part of the Massif Central and its capital city, Limoges is the origin of its name.  Limousin is also a name synonomous with a type of car (limousine) and a famous breed of cattle. […]

Chinon Castle, Loire Valley, France

A highlight of any holiday in France is a visit to the elegant châteaux of the Loire river valley. There are over 1,000 châteaux along the River Loire between Nantes and Orléans, and over 100 are open to the public. Most of the châteaux were built for love, not war, and they range from traditional […]

Pont Moyen, Metz, France, Lorraine

The region of Lorraine stretching along the western border of Alsace is tucked in the northeast corner of France and bordered on its north by Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany. Whereas Alsace is known for its picturesque villages and lovely wines, Lorraine is well known for its rich military history. The Maginot Line stands today as […]

Port town of Honfleur, Normandy, France

Located to the northwest of Paris, the region of Normandy embraces Monet’s wonderful gardens at Giverny, the historic city of Rouen, and along the coast, the picturesque port of Honfleur, and the world-famous D-Day beaches and the Normandy coastline where on June 6, 1944 the Allies made their major offensive, reinforcing the turnaround in World […]

Cordes sur Ciel, France

Mid-Pyrénées as its name implies is a region that defines the middle of the Pyrénées. The Pyrénées stretch along the south of France straddling across its neighbor, Spain. The Mid-Pyrénées is sandwiched between the regions of Aquitaine to the west and Languedoc-Roussillon to the east. Our list of places to stay in this region includes memorable […]

Hayfields on the North Calais Coast, France

North Calais is a region that many travelers experience as they travel the distance between the shores of England and France.

Amiens, Picardy, France

The region that stretches north of Paris to the borders of Luxembourg and Belgium is referred to as Picardy. With England distanced only by the channel, Picardy is a convenient for weekend escapes for neighboring Brits. The interior landscape is gentle with valleys and meadows, endless fields planted with crops and claims the famous forests […]

Poitou Charente, La Vienne, France

The region of Poitou-Charentes is located on the west coast of France south of the Loire Valley and North of Perigord. It is relatively unknown by the tourist and hense is tranquil and largely unspoilt. It has a reputation for fine sandy beaches, lovely little harbors and towns and resorts that the French, themselves, frequent. […]

France Provence Poppy Fields

Provence, settled by the Romans around 120 B.C., is a region of contrasts and colors. This delightful region of the French Midi (the South) is associated with warm breezes, a mild climate, and rolling hillsides covered in the gray washes of olive trees and lavender. Its rich soil in the bath of the warm southern […]

French Alps near Megeve, France

Many travelers find themselves in the region referred to as the Rhône-Alpes if only to bridge the distance from the ever-popular region of Provence to its south and Burgundy to its north. One can travel the distance easily by the autoroute that traverses its core, but given the luxury of time, the countryside roads expose […]

Veronette, near Giverny, Upper Normandy, France

Located to the northwest of Paris, the region of Normandy embraces Monet’s wonderful gardens at Giverny, the historic city of Rouen, and along the coast, the picturesque port of Honfleur, and the world-famous D-Day beaches and the Normandy coastline where on June 6, 1944 the Allies made their major offensive, reinforcing the turnaround in World […]

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