Czech Republic Cities


Just strolling through the maze of small cobblestone lanes of Český Krumlov is a joy. Before beginning any formal sightseeing, wander at random through the town to get a feeling of its many treasures. Be sure to stop at the picturesque Svornosti Square, where you will find the tourist off... more

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Holašovice (45 km north of Český Krumlov): If you enjoy visiting picturesque villages, Holašovice will enchant you. Here you find, tucked in the tranquil countryside, a tiny town where time seems to have stood still. This cluster of 19th-century peasant homes is a fine example of the ch... more

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Prague is a truly beautiful city. Everywhere you look, everywhere you walk, are magnificent buildings, scenic walkways, lovely parks, beautiful monuments. Consider all you have ever heard about the city and know that it is even more spectacular and will exceed expectations. Transected by a wid... more

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