Croatia Cities


All of Dubrovnik’s sightseeing is packed within its walls where thankfully everything is pedestrian. Main streets, like The Placa, become unbearably crowded around midday when cruise boats are docked at the harbor—solution enjoy the main thoroughfares early and late in the day. When the cru... more

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Hvar town (pronounced Var) clusters around its waterfront with St Stephens’s square opening directly to the harbor and the old town terracing up the hillside. Passenger boats arrive directly at the harbor making it a handy daytrip from Split, or a handy 5-6 hour stopping point when taking the... more

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The long thin island of Korcula’s main town has the same name Korcula (pronounced Kohr-choo-lah). The Old Town  (Stari Grad) is a small walled peninsula joined to the mainland by a broad flight of steps leading up to the Great Land Gate. From here a broader street leads uphill to St Mark’s... more

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Split is a vast coastal city with a vibrant, atmospheric Old Town at its heart….a maze of narrow alleys, little squares, boutiques, galleries and restaurants. In the 4th century Roman Emperor Diocletian wanted to retire to his native Dalmatia and built a vast palace here, a palace that forms ... more

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Traveling by ferry and bus between Korcula and Dubrovnik the bus makes a stop in Ston, a little town with lots of cafes surrounded by salt pans. What makes the town stand out is the impressive wall that climbs up the mountain behind it. The inner wall encloses the town while the outer stretches... more

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