Austria Regions

Austria-Burgenland-Gussing Castle

Burgenland, the “land of castles”, is the youngest of the nine Austrian Provinces having been created in 1921. If you look closely, on nearly every strategic mountaintop a castle or the ruins of a once mighty fortress remains. These castles were a necessity, a defense against the fierce invaders from the once-mighty Ottoman Empire. Burgenland […]


Less well known than the gorgeous lakes around Salzburg are the equally beautiful and numerous lakes sprinkled among the mountains of southern Austria in the region of Carinthia. Warming in the summer, the lakes are not only spectacular but offer an abundance of water activities.These southern lakes are surrounded by majestic mountains including the mighty […]

Durnstein, Lower Austria

Lower Austria, or Niederösterreich, lies to the east of Upper Austria and derives its name from the fact that it lies lower on the Danube which flows through the region in an easterly direction. Lower Austria borders the Czech Republic to its north and Slovakia to its east while surrounding the province and city of […]


Mozart, mountain lakes, splendid palaces, stunning cathedrals and magnificent castles are all a few of my favorite things in the Salzburg region, home to the Sound of Music. Salzburg has a storybook quality with narrow streets, colorful houses, charming squares and enticing shops.There is much more to this region than the town of Salzburg. The […]

Riegersburg Castle, Styria, Austria

Styria , the second largest of the Austrian Provinces, is located in the southeast portion of the country and shares its southern border with Slovenia. The geography is generally mountainous with alpine activities abounding. Spas, wineries and tasty regional cuisine are all to be found in the Styrian Region. For Americans, it is worthy noting […]

Austria-Tirol-Kaiser Mountain

When one hears the word “Tyrol,” Austria, wonderful visions dance in the mind–lush green fields with lazy cows munching grass, their huge bells ringing with the rhythm of each step; little boys with apple cheeks wearing leather shorts held up with jaunty suspenders; little girls with blond braids dressed in gay dirndls; picture-perfect villages with […]

Hallstatt, Upper Austria

Located west of Lower Austria, the region of Upper Austria borders Germany and the Czech Republic.  The region geographically is somewhat diverse, from the Danube River Valley to the Alpine Mountains. The Salzkammergut lake district stretches up into Upper Austria. Some of the better known lakes are the Traunsee, Almsee, Attersee and Wolfgangsee. Upper Austria […]

Belvedere Palace, Vienna, Austria

Vienna, the city and capital of Austria is the focal point for the Vienna Province. Located on a plain along the majestic Danube River, Vienna is surrounded by the beautiful Vienna Woods just on the outskirts of the city. This largest city in Austria is world reknown for its culture, architecture, music and history. Vienna, […]


Vorarlberg is the westernmost province of Austria bordering Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Germany. The region is known for its winter alpine sports in winter and hiking the mountains in summer. The land has a number of ski resorts the most famous being those at Lech and Zür.  As an alternative to the rugged mountains drive through […]

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