Dear Friends,

After 40 years I have decided to retire from the rigors of research and publishing. It has been a very difficult decision and it is honestly sad for me to say goodbye.

I want to personally thank you, the traveler, for faithfully trusting “Karen Brown” recommendations and sharing your experiences. You have afforded me a wonderful career and allowed me to pursue my passion. I feel so fortunate as I never felt I was working. I loved traveling the miles; appreciate all the friendships forged and have taken great pleasure and pride in sharing discoveries. I also want to thank the innkeepers and hoteliers who have so graciously extended their hospitality and welcome to you, the traveler, and made me “look good!”

I honestly look forward to experiencing a true vacation; traveling without pen and paper. My husband will appreciate driving without detours to investigate a promising new “lead.” Most especially, I will savor the luxury of time with family and those I love.

I personally thank you for traveling with me all these many years and many miles. I wish you safe travels and memories to cherish.