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Italy - Umbria


Montone, Italy , Enrico Strocchi
Note: The following is the recommendation as written by the reviewer not Karen Brown.
Villa Bastiola's
Review Of This City:

Montone is voted one of the prettiest hamlets in Italy and certainly lives up to this prize. It is a gorgeous medieval hilltop town just north of Umbertide. The perfect size for walking around in a morning or afternoon with a lovely bar in the piazza where you can stop and just watch village life pass by over an aperitivo or coffee. There are stunning views in every direction and the hamlet itself has many different festivals throughout the year, celebrating years of tradition and heritage. One of these festivals is the "Holy Thorn" where villagers dress up in medieval costumes and parade through the tiny cobbled streets behind the ancient relic (a holy thorn from the crown of Christ brought back from the Holy land in the middle ages). There is music, dancing, flag throwing and just a great atmosphere! Another festival is the Umbrian Film Festival, held annually in July, initiated and supported by film director Terry Gilliam. A large silver screen is hung in the square and films can be watched outside on a balmy summers evening. Really an Umbrian treasure not to be missed.

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