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A Karen Brown Recommendation
The town of Farfa is known for the Abbey of Farfa, one of the most famous European religious buildings of the Middle Ages, found in the town of the same name. Charlemagne was its protector, and at the height of his empire, a vast part of central Italy was owned by the abbey. A visit is not complete without including the magnificent, recently refurbished, library that contains more than 60,000 volumes and original manuscripts, including one of the first books ever printed. The girls in the herb store will arrange your visit. Do not miss a well preserved Roman sarcophagus that was found on the premises, attesting to the fact that the 6th-century abbey was built on the site of a Roman villa. Not much English is spoken.
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Distances Shown From Farfa.

41 km A Karen Brown Reader Discovery Nicolas Inn
Rome, Lazio, Italy
€ 100-180
42 km A Karen Brown Reader Discovery Arco del Lauro
Rome, Lazio, Italy
€ 100-145
39 km A Karen Brown Reader Discovery Aldrovandi Palace Villa Borghese
Rome, Lazio, Italy
38 km A Karen Brown Recommended Hotel / Inn Hotel Villa del Parco
Rome, Lazio, Italy
€ 90-180
64 km A Karen Brown Reader Discovery Domus Lina
Fiumicino, Lazio, Italy

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A Few Nearby Cities & Towns:   List Them All

Distances Shown From Farfa.

75 km [ icon ] Montefalco
Umbria, Italy
80 km [ icon ] Bevagna
Umbria, Italy
14 km [ icon ] Casperia
Lazio, Italy
18 km [ icon ] Montasola
Lazio, Italy
30 km [ icon ] Tivoli
Lazio, Italy

A Few Nearby Restaurants:   List Them All

Distances Shown From Farfa.

67 km [ icon ] Enoteca Oberdan
Todi, Umbria, Italy
Italian Cuisine
77 km [ icon ] La Locanda del Prete
Saragano, Umbria, Italy
Italian Cuisine
69 km [ icon ] Tenuta di Canonica
Todi, Umbria, Italy
Italian Cuisine
55 km [ icon ] Trattoria Porta Romana
Viterbo, Lazio, Italy
Italian Cuisine
51 km [ icon ] Tenuta del Gallo Gourmet
Amelia–Macchie, Umbria, Italy
Italian Cuisine

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