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A Karen Brown Recommendation
Detour to Wies to visit the *Wieskirche, a pilgrimage church whose simple exterior belies the most exquisitely beautiful interior. It’s a popular excursion, so there are cafés and paid parking but once you step into the beautiful interior, all the surrounding commercialism is forgotten. (8 am–5 pm, October to March; 8 am–6 pm, April to September.)
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A Few Nearby Hotels and Bed & Breakfasts:   List Them All

Distances Shown From Wies.

53 km A Karen Brown Recommended Hotel / Inn Hotel Jagdschloss Kühtai
Kühtai, Tyrol, Austria
€ 250-380
25 km A Karen Brown Recommended Hotel / Inn Hotel Alpenhof
Grainau, Bavaria, Germany
€ 100-185
16 km A Karen Brown Recommended Hotel / Inn Hotel Turmwirt
Oberammergau, Bavaria, Germany
€ 99-140
64 km A Karen Brown Recommended Hotel / Inn Schlosshotel Goldener Engl
Hall in Tirol, Tyrol, Austria
€ 120-165
51 km A Karen Brown Recommended Hotel / Inn Schlosshotel Post
Imst, Tyrol, Austria
€ 100-120

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12 km [ icon ] Tourist-Information Bad Kohlgrub
Bad Kohlgrub, Bavaria, Germany
Tourist Offices
10 km [ icon ] Tourist-Information Saulgrub
Saulgrub, Bavaria, Germany
Tourist Offices
19 km [ icon ] Tourist Information Ettal
Ettal, Bavaria, Germany
Tourist Offices
12 km [ icon ] Tourist-Information Unterammergau
Unterammergau, Bavaria, Germany
Tourist Offices
9 km [ icon ] Tourist-Information Altenau
Altenau, Bavaria, Germany
Tourist Offices

A Few Nearby Cities & Towns:   List Them All

Distances Shown From Wies.

7 km [ icon ] Bad Bayersoien
Bavaria, Germany
78 km [ icon ] Saint Anton
Voralberg, Austria
79 km [ icon ] Zurs
Voralberg, Austria
19 km [ icon ] Ettal
Bavaria, Germany
25 km [ icon ] Garmisch-Partenkirchen
Bavaria, Germany

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