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Italy> Tuscany> Tuscany> Radicofani> Fattoria La Palazzina

Italy - Tuscany

Fattoria La Palazzina

Owners: Eliana & Silvano Mamprin
Località Le Vigne, 33
Radicofani, (SI) 53040

Credit Cards Welcome: AMEX VISA MC
11 Rooms, Double Occupancy: €70.00 - €120.00
3 Apartments: €75-€180 daily
Dinners: €30
Open: all year
Fattoria La Palazzina Sketch

Baby Sitting Available Breakfast Included Children Welcome Conference Room Cooking Classes Credit Cards Welcome: AMEX VISA MC    Dinner Served Upon Request Dogs by Special Request Gift Shop Internet Access Available for Guests Some Non-Smoking Guestrooms Parking Available (Free or Paid) Restaurant Room Service Swimming Pool Archaeological Site within 22 km Hiking Trails within 2 km Horseback Riding within 4 km Skiing within 30 km Wildlife Sanctuary Nearby Wineries within 15 km

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Fattoria La Palazzina:
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I write this with trepidation that once it becomes common knowledge this remarkable Tuscan B&B will never have another vacancy and Susan & I will never get to return. Nestled in the rolling golden hills of southern Tuscany in the sleepy little town of Radicafoni is the best B&B we have ever been to. The location is ideal for exploring all that Tuscany has to offer. La Palazzina is a 300 year old hunting villa where time has ceased to exist. One gets the sense that one should arrive in a carriage...

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Review by Frank Percoco on Jul 18, 2009

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Fattoria La Palazzina

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Lugnano, Umbria, Italy
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62 km [ icon ] Vecchia Osteria
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San Gimignano, Tuscany, Italy
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