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United States> Massachusetts> Nantucket> Three Bricks

New England - Massachusetts

Three Bricks

( Sightseeing / Historic Buildings )

A Karen Brown Recommendation
Main St
Nantucket, MA  USA

Don't miss the Three Bricks located on Main Street in Nantucket. The three stately, identical mansions built in 1839 by a wealthy whaling merchant for his three sons. The homes were built, for a princely sum in those days, for around $40,000. Recently, one of the renoveated homes was listed for sale at $11,000,000, a reminder that real estate is usually a good investment.

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Three Bricks:
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  New England - Cape Cod, Nantucket, Martha’s Vineyard and Seaside Newport

  New England - Sturbridge and the Connecticut Shore

  New England - The Byways of Coastal Maine
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A Few Nearby Hotels and Bed & Breakfasts:   List Them All

Distances Shown From Three Bricks.

33 mi A Karen Brown Recommended Hotel / Inn Sea Meadow Inn
Brewster, Massachusetts, United States
$ 120-225
27 mi A Karen Brown Reader Discovery The Platinum Pebble
West Harwich, Massachusetts, United States
$ 140-295
32 mi A Karen Brown Recommended Hotel / Inn A Little Inn on Pleasant Bay
South Orleans, Massachusetts, United States
$ 295-380
< 1 mi A Karen Brown Recommended Hotel / Inn Union Street Inn
Nantucket Island—Nantucket, Massachusetts, United States
$ 159-499

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53 mi [ icon ] Plimoth Plantation
Plymouth, Massachusetts, United States

A Few Nearby Cities & Towns:   List Them All

Distances Shown From Three Bricks.

< 1 mi [ icon ] Nantucket
Massachusetts, United States
32 mi [ icon ] Dennis
Massachusetts, United States
29 mi [ icon ] Vineyard Haven
Massachusetts, United States
31 mi [ icon ] Barnstable
Massachusetts, United States
35 mi [ icon ] Orleans
Massachusetts, United States

No Nearby Restaurants To List

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