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France - Rhône Alps

Musée de la Poterie

( Sightseeing / Museums )

A Karen Brown Recommendation
Evires, France

If you are fond of pottery you will want to visit a pottery workshop and museum located in the village of Evires. To get there, when traveling northeast from Annecy take the N203 (in the direction of Chamonix and Thonon les Bains) and turn off at Daudens, following signs to Evires. After crossing the railroad tracks, turn right just before town to find the pottery workshop and museum, housed in an old farm, of master potter Jean Christophe Hermann, considered the best in the region. Founded in 1981, the museum enjoys a rich collection of over two million pieces. This is considered one of the finest collections of Savoyard pottery in the world. (L’Atelier de Poterie. Visits by reservation only, tel:

Phone: 450.620.190
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