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Austria> Lower Austria> Durnstein> Durnstein Castle

Austria - Lower Austria

Durnstein Castle

( Sightseeing / Castles & Forts )

A Karen Brown Recommendation
tyler corder
Durstein Castle has its own fairy tale: in 1192 Leopold V captured England’s King Richard the Lionheart and hid him in the castle. No one knew where the king was imprisoned. Blondel, the King’s devoted minstrel, devised a plan to find his master and drifted from castle to castle playing King Richard’s favorite songs. When Blondel reached Dürnstein, he played and sang beneath the castle walls. Richard recognized the voice of his minstrel and joined in the singing, which led to his rescue. As in all fairy tales, the story had a happy ending!
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Distances Shown From Durnstein Castle.

< 1 km A Karen Brown Recommended Hotel / Inn Gasthof Sänger Blondel
Dürnstein, Lower Austria, Austria
€ 103-123
< 1 km A Karen Brown Recommended Hotel / Inn Hotel Richard Löwenherz
Dürnstein, Lower Austria, Austria
€ 186-211
4 km A Karen Brown Recommended Hotel / Inn Raffelsberger Hof
Weissenkirchen, Lower Austria, Austria
€ 118-142
14 km A Schlosshotels & Herrenhäuser Property Heurigenhof Bründlmayer
Langenlois, Lower Austria, Austria
14 km A Karen Brown Recommended Hotel / Inn Burg Oberranna
Mühldorf, Lower Austria, Austria
€ 138-176

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Distances Shown From Durnstein Castle.
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Distances Shown From Durnstein Castle.

4 km [ icon ] Weissenkirchen
Lower Austria, Austria
23 km [ icon ] Melk
Lower Austria, Austria
58 km [ icon ] Mayerling
Lower Austria, Austria
< 1 km [ icon ] Dürnstein
Lower Austria, Austria

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