Sweden offers some of the most delightful sightseeing and beautiful scenery in all of Europe, yet far too many tourists visit only Stockholm- what a shame. Allow time to meander into the countryside, discover colorful villages, lovely. lakes, beautiful farms, spectacular castles, glorious beaches and quaint windmills, and, best of all, meet the Swedes whose warmth and graciousness make a holiday memorable.The accomodations of Sweden are truly a match for it’s natural beauty. Lodging options range from spectacular city and countryside hotels, stately mansions, intimate taverns to ancient castles. These magnificent hotels may reside along the shores of pristine lakes; be nestled on a mountain’s side; be located on the banks of a flowing river or be a part of a picture perfect fishing village. There are also a number of intimate and beautiful hotels to be found in Sweden’s larger cities and towns.

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