There are distinct differences between the Mid-Atlantic states, which include New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia and the District of Columbia. Each state has areas that are markedly different in terrain and weather patterns. Each of these states and Washington D.C. are blessed with a colorful, multi-dimensional history in most cases dating back prior to the Revolutionary War. The cities are rich with history and the countrysides beautiful making Mid Atlantic travel a wonderful experience. Each of the accomodations on ou rlist of Mid-Atlantic hotels, bed and breakfasts, wonderful inns and resorts provides the traveler with a lifetime of wonderful memories. The Mid Atlanitc lodgings we have selected offer a wide range of prices and luxuries. To further enhance the experience of Mid Atlantic travel we have developed three itinerary routes through the region aiding the traveler maximize their trip experience.

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Mid Atlantic

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Eight driving itineraries describe routes through the various regions of the Mid-Atlantic States. Each routing can easily be tailored to meet your own specific needs by leaving out some sightseeing if time is limited, or linking several itineraries together if you wish to enjoy a longer vacation. In addition, we list sightseeing attractions in the cities of New York, Philadelphia, and Washington.

Car Rental:

The itineraries are designed for travel by car unless your plan is to visit only the major cities of New York, Philadelphia, and Washington, in which case train or even bus transportation between cities is both fast and convenient. If you are staying in any of the major cities at the beginning of your trip, it is not necessary to pick up a rental car until you leave the city or just before any day trips by car, since public transportation systems are so convenient and all of the cities are great for walking. Consider asking your hotel if there is a car rental office inside the hotel or nearby. Sometimes car rental companies will deliver your car to your hotel.


The distances in the Mid-Atlantic States as you go from east to west in Maryland, Pennsylvania, or New York or from north to south from the Eastern Shore of Maryland to the northern parts of New York State are lengthy. To drive the length or the breadth of the region would take you at least a full day—and a long day at that. In many itineraries there are choices between traveling on the major highways where speed is of the essence and where distances can be covered quickly, or the alternative of taking the winding, scenic roads through the countryside and the towns along the way. To get the most enjoyment from your travel we recommend the slower, more picturesque routes where you have the opportunity to enjoy the special qualities of the area.


This is a region where weather varies greatly—not only from season to season, but also with the geography. You may not get the weather you expect during your trip—but oftentimes this adds to the enjoyment of your stay. While the weather may be changeable, there are certainly some guidelines that will be helpful to the traveler. In the winter months of December through March, you can expect everything from snow and ice to sleet and freezing rain. Temperatures often get down to zero and below, and yet there may be days and even weeks when there is little snow and just brisk cold weather. Traditionally, in the latter half of January there is even a period of warm weather, deceiving everyone into believing that winter is over. The spring months of March, April, and May are wonderful, with each of the Mid-Atlantic States sprouting forth with bulbs of every description and flowering shrubs and trees. The newness of everything with the freshness of spring green is hard not to love. Occasionally, however, there is a taste of winter weather that will remind you that the decision to bring a coat on your trip was indeed a very good one. Summer is a lazy time of year and generally has great weather, but there will be rain showers. Summer can also get hot and humid—on those days you’ll welcome the pair of shorts and short-sleeved shirt that you brought and you’ll be grateful that your rental car and your hotel are air-conditioned. Many a traveler will say that the Mid-Atlantic States are best in the spring and fall when the days are long and warm. Fall brings the added bonus of the changing colors of the foliage.