Denmark is a land of lofty dunes, windswept seascapes, vista stretching out over white crests of wild open seas, protected inlets and sheltered bays. One could not stage a more appropriate setting for the Vikings.  There is romance associated with the legends of these people who set out across the ocean in fragile vessels.  These canoe-like wooden boats, adorned with intricately carved dragon motifs, were powered by the sheer strength of mean and the leverage of wind and cloth.  Much of Denmark’s history can be traced back to the days when the Vikings dominated Scandinavia.  Many years have passed since the Vikings conquered and ruled Denmark, yet their relics and monuments remain scattered throughout the country and their myths and legends remain a part of Danish culture and heritage.  We suggest you create an itinerary that follows a trail of Viking discoveries: the fjords, beaches, lakes, moorland, meadows and villages provide an ideal setting against which to seek out vestiges from the Viking Age.


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