The Czech Republic is a country of astounding natural beauty and a pleasure to travel through. The scenery in the southwest corner is particularly glorious with gentle rolling hills, forests, green meadows, idyllic rivers, and charming villages.We have ventured into two areas of the Czech Republic and hope to offer more as time allows.
The charming village of and Ceský Krumlov is (in our opinion) one of the most stunning towns in all of Europe. The city of Prague is without doubt one of the finest in all of Europe. Untouched by bombs during World War II Prague’s architectural history as befitting a major European city remains a highlight of ones visit.

Although the Czech Republic is home to many beautiful old hotels managed by experienced hoteliers it is exciting to see the new breed of fine hotels and resorts that are emerging which are operated by new hospitality experts eager to please the traveler.

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Czech Republic

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Car Rental:

It used to be that the majority of tourists visiting the Czech Republic took a train from Vienna (Austria) or Weimar (Germany) since few agencies would rent a car going into any country that previously was a part of the Eastern Bloc. However, that has now changed. Auto Europe (whom we highly recommend for car rentals: 800-223-5555) tells us that entering the country by car is no longer a problem. However, you need to mention to whatever car rental company you choose that you plan to go into the Czech Republic, since a few restrictions still apply, such as you might not be able to rent a specific make of a car. In addition, there is usually an additional premium for any car going into a country that used to be a part of the Eastern Bloc.In terms of driving across the border, be sure to have your passport and car documents available. The customs formality is simple; however, you will need to purchase a motorway toll sticker for the window of your car. It is not excessively expensive—the price varies depending upon how long you will be in the country. Stickers are available for 15 days, 2 months, or a year.


The Czech Republic has joined the European Union and so the Euro is the stated currency. However, we found prices are still often quoted in Czech crowns or koruny and vendors seem to prefer the crown over the EUro. If we paid in Euros any overage was given to us in koruny and I know the exchange rate did not always work to our advantage. You might definitely want to have some Czech crowns (koruny).


If you are taking any electrical appliances made for use in the United States, you will need a transformer plus a two-pin adapter. A voltage of 220 AC current at 50 cycles per second is almost countrywide, though in remote areas you may encounter 120V. The voltage is often displayed on the socket. Even though we recommend that you purchase appliances with dual-voltage options whenever possible, it will still be necessary to have the appropriate socket adapter. Also, be especially careful with expensive equipment such as computers—verify with the manufacturer the adapter/converter capabilities and requirements.